PRIMA Diamond Earrings DISAYA x PRIMA 18K White Gold DSYE1702-01


Diamond Earrings DISAYA x PRIMA 18K White Gold DSYE1702-01

Diamond : E-Color
Case material: 18K gold
Total diamond weight: 0.30 CT
Average total weight: 3.40 grams

*This product is made to order and takes 45-60 business days*
**Conditions: Do not buy back and do not accept exchanges in any case**

PRIMA, a leading Fine Jewelry store in Thailand, uniquely presents the finest pieces of handcrafted jewelry namely 99.9% (24K) gold jewelry meticulously crafted with exquisite designs, high-quality diamond jewelry and 24K gold sheet artworks and gold sculptures exclusively recognized as the most precious arts.

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Terms and Conditions for After-sales Service

  1. Lifetime jewelry cleaning service is complimentary with no service fee.
  2. One-time re-plating service is complimentary with no service fee.
  3. Ring resizing is available per 1 standard size depending on product designs.
  4. Each product is guaranteed for defects from production process but not subject to damage occurred from improper use, modification or corrosion.
  5. Each product is offered with a certificate of guarantee. Customers must present a certificate of guarantee to receive service.
  6. The Company reserves the right to inspect product conditions prior to receiving service.
  7. The right of product exchange is reserved in-store only. More terms and conditions are available at the store.
  8. We reserve the right not to accept returns and exchange designs.

**In case no certificate of guarantee is shown and no purchase history is found in the system, the Company reserves the right not to accept any product exchange.**

Remark: Terms and conditions are as specified by the Company.

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New Arrival, Disaya x Prima

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