PRIMA Gold Earrings Nuclear Disarmament 111E4170-18


Gold Earrings Nuclear Disarmament 111E4170-18

The Peace Symbol, also known as the Nuclear Disarmament symbol, was created in 1958.

From anti-war protests and the nuclear disarmament movement in England.
Originated from waving flag signals (Semaphore).
Letter N (Nuclear) = /\
and the letter D (Disarmament) = |
The outer circle represents the world = O
When put together = ☮

Average gold weight 1.71 grams
Case material: Pure Gold 24K
Stem + base 18K / earring stem length approximately 1 cm.

Items inside the box: warranty card, box, paper bag


**As Prima Gold jewelry is handcrafted products, the product weight thus varies from each jewelry piece and is shown based on weighted average.**

PRIMA, a leading Fine Jewelry store in Thailand, uniquely presents the finest pieces of handcrafted jewelry namely 99.9% (24K) gold jewelry meticulously crafted with exquisite designs, high-quality diamond jewelry and 24K gold sheet artworks and gold sculptures exclusively recognized as the most precious arts.

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