PRIMA Suwansilp Sculpture Chicken Family 702U0102-01

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Base Dimension : 161 x 181 x 225 mm.

Suwansilp Sculpture Chicken Family 702U0102-01.

PRIMA, a leading Fine Jewelry store in Thailand, uniquely presents the finest pieces of handcrafted jewelry namely 99.9% (24K) gold jewelry meticulously crafted with exquisite designs, high-quality diamond jewelry and 24K gold sheet artworks and gold sculptures exclusively recognized as the most precious arts.

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Terms and Conditions for Guarantee and After-sales Service

  • Product guarantee shall cover only defects from production process.
  • Product guarantee shall cover a period of one year after purchase date.
  • The Company reserves the right for product return and exchange in all cases.
  • Repair service for product group with frames is available in case of broken frames. Customers can have the product frame changed with no service fee.
  • Repair service for sculpture group is available in case of broken wood base or broken cover. Customers can have the wood base or cover changed with service fee per size of wood base and cover.
  • Repair service is available at PRIMA stores nationwide. Our jewelry consultants shall inform service fees prior to confirmation of repair service.

Remark: Terms and conditions are as specified by the Company.

Dimensions 16.1 × 18.1 × 22.5 cm
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Gold Sculpture